How to upgrade your child Origin account to an adult account?

Origin is an online gaming platform created by Electronic Arts (EA) that offers the ability to create accounts for both adults and children. However, children’s accounts have certain restrictions, such as limitations on access to features such as online multiplayer modes, purchases, and social media connections. Additionally, child accounts cannot use EA online support or connect to companion web apps for games. This can be frustrating for those who have grown up and want to access all the features of an adult account, such as playing online, chatting with friends, purchasing games, and more.

How to upgrade a child account to an adult account on Origin?

To upgrade a child account to an adult account on Origin, you must take the following steps into account:

  1. Wait to be eligible: First, you should understand that the ability to upgrade your child account to an adult account depends on the age and regulations in your country. Origin will automatically notify you when you are eligible for the upgrade. This will happen once you have reached the age of majority in your region.
  2. Receive notification: When you’re eligible to upgrade your account, Origin will show you a pop-up notification every time you sign in to your child account.
  3. Login to child account: Updating the child account to an adult account must be done from the child account itself. If you already have an adult account, you will not be able to perform this update on that account.
  4. Sign in to child account: You, your parent or legal guardian must sign in to the child account to update. Make sure you have the permission and supervision of your parent or guardian if you are the child account holder.
  5. Complete the update: Once you’re signed in to your child account, follow the instructions provided by Origin to complete the update. This may include adding your own email address, being able to change your name, and setting up a security question and answer.

After completing this process, your Origin account will be upgraded to an adult account, allowing you to enjoy all the features and benefits it offers, such as playing online, purchasing games, and connecting with friends. Please note that this process can only be carried out once you have reached the age of majority in your country and that it is important to follow safety guidelines and obtain the necessary permission if you are a minor user.

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