How to Invite a friend to Join Origin access?

Origin Access is a subscription service launched by EA that allows users to access a wide collection of games from EA and other publishers on its PC platform. If you want to invite a friend to join Origin Access to try some games before purchasing, here’s how:

Previous requirements:

Before you begin, you need to make sure you are an Origin Access member to be able to invite your friends. If you are already a member, you can follow these steps:

How to invite a friend:

  1. Sign in to your Origin account on the Origin website.
  2. Look for a link or option that allows you to invite a friend to join Origin Access. This option is usually available in your profile or account section.
  3. You can invite a friend via their email address or EA account name. Enter your email address or search for your account name.
  4. Once you’ve sent the invitation, your friend will receive a notification in Origin and an email with the offer to join Origin Access.
  5. Your friend will be able to accept the invitation and will be offered a free 7-day trial of the Origin Access Basic membership.

Origin Access Basic Membership Features:

When your friend accepts the invitation, they will get an Origin Access Basic membership with the following features:

  1. Full access to The Vault, which is a collection of games that you can play without restrictions for the duration of your subscription.
  2. Ability to play trial versions of the games (“Play First Trials”) for a maximum of 10 hours each. These tests allow you to play new titles before their official launch.
  3. You can enjoy these benefits during your 7-day free trial.

It’s important to note that you can’t send invites to friends who are already Origin Access members, have had a free trial in the last three months, or live in Belgium, Brazil, or Spain, as the service is not available in those. places.

Inviting friends to join Origin Access is a great way to share the excitement of playing EA games and enjoy exclusive benefits with your friends.

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